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Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials humanize the healthcare experience, build trust, and provide real-life accounts of successful outcomes.

Educational Videos

Educational videos help inform and empower patients, establish the healthcare provider as an authority, and improve health literacy.

Provider Profile Videos

Provider profile videos introduce healthcare professionals, showcase expertise, and establish a personal connection between the provider and patients.

Virtual Tours and Facility Showcases

Virtual tours provide an inside look into healthcare facilities, demonstrating cleanliness, modern equipment, and a welcoming environment.

Lights, Camera, Scrubs!

Video Production for Healthcare and Medical Practices
"Thanks to the engaging videos produced by Visible Practice, our patient education efforts have reached new heights, fostering a deeper connection with our community."

Sarah M.
Holy Cross Clinic
"The impactful video marketing strategy crafted by Visible Practice not only elevated our healthcare brand but also attracted a broader audience, making a significant impact on our patient engagement."

James R.
Prime Medical
"The professionalism and attention to detail exhibited by Visible Practice in showcasing our healthcare facility through virtual tours greatly enhanced our online presence."

Emily K.
St. Hope Medical
"With the creative and informative video content by Visible Practice, we've successfully positioned our telemedicine services, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for our patients." 

Alex D.
Horizon Dental

Mastering Compliance: A Guide to Ethical Healthcare Video Production

Explore the unique challenges of producing healthcare videos within the bounds of privacy regulations and ethical considerations. 

The Power of Patient Stories: Crafting Compelling Healthcare Testimonials through Video

Provide insights into the art of storytelling, emphasizing the emotional connection that patient stories can create.

Beyond the Script: Strategies for Effective Healthcare Video Production on a Budget

Discuss cost-effective production techniques, utilizing available resources, and leveraging technology to maximize the impact of healthcare videos.

Pixel Pulse

Video Marketing for Clinics, Hospitals, and Medical Centers

Beyond the Pixel

Innovations in Medical Video Technology
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